Interpretation Workflow

Many of our coordinators at Pioneer have also worked as interpreters themselves. Because of this, we are able to coordinate interpreting services with an understanding of the positions of both the client and interpreter.

  • Inquiry

    We will first inquire as to the nature of the project, including content, field, languages, place, schedule, budget, and the preferred level of interpreting to confirm the detailed needs of the client.

  • Review of content, interpreter selection, forwarding of estimate and interpreter's resumé.

    The coordinator will propose the most appropriate interpreter (or multiple candidates) and a price estimate. The client can meet (interview) the interpreter in person, if necessary.

  • Placement of order

  • Advance preparations

    Prior to the start of interpreting services, the interpreter will be notified of the work schedule and will be sent the documents and materials necessary to prepare. If the interpreter is to be dispatched over a long period of time, a contract may also be necessary.

  • Interpreting services

  • Report and evaluation

    Upon completion of services, we will receive a report from the interpreter. We will also ask the client for an evaluation of the interpreter.

Additional details

  • Please contact us as early as possible so that we have adequate time to select the most appropriate interpreter and make schedule arrangements.
  • In order to enhance the quality of interpretation services, we ask that you submit relevant documents and materials in advance.
  • Please see the price list for general stipulations regarding our interpreting services. (Prices and stipulations may vary depending on the assignment. Please contact us for further details.)

Russian, French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Mongolian, Korean, German, Vietnamese, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, Arabic, Romanian, Serbian, Croatian, Indonesian, Thai, Khmer, Burmese, and Lao. Please inquire about other languages.

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