• Industrial plants

    In the past, we have provided comprehensive support for plant projects in the former Soviet Union that included forming translation offices and dispatching groups of interpreters. Currently, we are actively working on plant project in Russia, Central Asia, and the Caucasus. We dispatch interpreters for plant and bridge construction in Central Asia and for pipeline work and LNG plant construction in Sakhalin.

    Construction sites, technical guidance, attendance inspections, receiving inspections, factory tours, in-house interpreting, etc.

  • International cooperation

    We dispatch interpreters to countries of the former Soviet Union (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, etc.) for projects related to international cooperation and official development assistance (ODA) provided by the Government of Japan.

    Fact-finding missions, bidding, seminars, training, etc.

  • Other technical and business fields

    Conferences, facility tours/inspections, business negotiations, airport pickups, escorting visitors, etc.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us about our services for arranging interpreters within Japan, to accompany you overseas, or to be dispatched locally in other countries.

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  • Industrial plants

    For an LPG plant project in 1979, we dispatched interpreters for our client’s resident engineers and for plant commissioning. Today, we continue to arrange for the dispatch of interpreters for on-site machinery installation and other situations.

  • International cooperation

    Since 1992, we have been dispatching interpreters for international cooperation projects, mainly in Africa. Thus far, we have successfully sent interpreters to work in eighteen countries including Haiti and the African nations of Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, Mali, Benin, Cote D’Ivoire, Central Africa, Djibouti, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We have coordinated projects in a broad range of fields such as road development, medical care, power generation, ports and harbors, agriculture, fishery, and primary and junior school construction. We are able send interpreters appropriate for various types of surveys and projects.

  • Other technical and business fields

    Conferences, facility tours, business negotiations, airport pickups, escorting visitors, etc.

    Media-related interpreting services also continue to be in high demand.

    Television program interviews
    Fashion/beauty events, culinary schools
    Interviews with martial artists, ballet dancers, etc.

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We receive requests for English interpreting in diverse fields and situations. The interpreter best suited to the client’s needs will be dispatched.

International conferences, receiving dignitaries
Presentations, training sessions, seminars
Facility tours, business negotiations, internal company meetings, escorting visitors, etc.

  • Examples of past projects
    Courtesy calls to government ministries and agencies
    Interpreting for seminars and training sessions (tax system, medical care)
    International cooperation surveys
    On-site administration/interpreting for plant construction (Middle East)
    Ceremony for power generation project development (Middle East)
    Marine vessel repair, sea trials
    On-site training at an auto parts factory (Africa)

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Other Languages

In order to accommodate the requests of client with projects in various other countries, we continue to augment our pool of interpreters for languages other than those listed above.

  • Spanish

  • Portuguese

Russian, French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Mongolian, Korean, German, Vietnamese, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, Arabic, Romanian, Serbian, Croatian, Indonesian, Thai, Khmer, Burmese, and Lao. Please inquire about other languages.

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