Russian – Main Services

  • Industrial plants

    Since our company was founded, we have been engaged in the translation of various manuals for plant projects in the former Soviet Union. For the large-scale plant projects conducted during perestroika in the 1980s, we provided comprehensive support by forming translation offices and dispatching groups of interpreters. We also offer high-quality translations for design documents and technical drawings.

    Design documents, technical drawings, specification sheets, proposal documents, tender documents, manuals (operation, maintenance, QC, etc.), construction standards/criteria, Russian national standards (GOST –, Russian building standards (SNIP), dispatch of specialized technical translators, etc.

  • International cooperation

    For projects related to international cooperation and official development assistance (ODA) by the Government of Japan, we translate the textbooks used for technical trainee programs accepting people from the former Soviet Union (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, etc.). We have also translated a large number of ODA-related survey reports.

    Training texts (finance, economy, production methods, PCM, agriculture, etc.), proposal documents, tender documents, survey reports, feasibility study reports, etc.

  • Other technical translation

    With the strengthening of economic and cultural ties with Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union, the need for Russian translation in various situations has also increased. From business to sports to cultural exchange, we are able to meet those needs in a wide range of categories.

    Presentation materials, business documents, contracts, articles of incorporation, academic journals, etc.

French – Main Services

  • Industrial plants

    Our work in French translation began in 1979 with an LPG plant project in Algeria. French translation in industrial fields, including tender document, contracts, and technical drawing, is our company’s strongest area.

    Design documents, approval drawings, tender documents, contracts, specification sheets, technical drawings
    Examples of recent projects in French translation (industrial fields)
    Fertilizer plant
    Diesel power station
    LPG project
    Compressor delivery
    Construction of resort hotel
    Desalination plant
    Automobile press
    Inspection/training at printing machine factory
    Boiler delivery
    Construction work documents
    Ring mill installation

  • International cooperation

    For international cooperation and official development assistance (ODA) by the Government of Japan, we have translated documents for projects in Haiti and the African nations of Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, Mali, Benin, Cote D’Ivoire, Central Africa, and Djibouti, etc. We can accommodate a diverse range of fields, having done work in the areas of water supply, education, medical care, road development, power generation, ports and harbors, agriculture, and fishery. The specialized terminology used in the area of international cooperation work is also thoroughly checked to provide a complete service from translation to final report editing.

    Survey reports, tender documents, feasibility study reports, etc.

  • Other technical translation

    We translate documents in various fields, from business and accounting documents to media and arts-related projects.

    Accounting and certification documents, certifications (employment certification, pay statements, proof of insurance, etc.), resumés, company transcripts, articles of incorporation, financial statements, contracts, laws and regulations, presentation materials, software manuals/specification sheets, magazine articles, sports, cosmetics, cuisine, etc.

English – Main Services

Although Translation Centre Pioneer began our operations focusing on Russian and French language services, we recognize the demand for English translation as a universal language. In order to meet this demand, we have continued to augment our pool of skilled English-language translators since our establishment.

  • Technical translation

    Plant projects, civil works/construction, electrical, automobile manuals, specification sheets, technical drawings, tender documents, testing procedure manuals, etc.
    Medical and pharmaceutical theses

  • International cooperation

    We have coordinated the translations for many overseas survey reports and textbooks for trainee programs in Japan related to international cooperation and official development assistance (ODA) by the Government of Japan.

    Training texts, survey reports (health, regional development, agriculture, railways, hospitals, education, roads, bridges, water supply/sewerage, etc.)

  • Other business documents

    Contracts, company guidelines, articles of incorporation
    Media documents (IT, cosmetics, cuisine, the arts, etc.), corporate websites

Other Languages – Main Services

Although our company began operations focusing on Russian and French language services, we have continued to augment our pool of translators and interpreters skilled in various other languages to accommodate the needs of clients with projects in countries outside of Russian and French-speaking areas.

  • Spanish

    International cooperation
    Survey reports (Nicaragua, Dominica, Venezuela, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Panama, Peru, Mexico, etc.)

    Press manufacturing, automobiles, electrical parts, petroleum plants, medical equipment, civil construction works, reports, specification sheets, technical drawings, manuals

    Other business-related
    Company transcripts, articles of incorporation, statements of assets and liabilities, contracts
    Advertising and presentation materials
    Video scripts for product descriptions

  • Portuguese

    International cooperation
    Survey reports (Mozambique, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, etc.)

    Training texts (transportation, forestry, water resources, etc.), contracts

  • Chinese

    Survey reports, training texts (civil works, disaster prevention, engineering, health, government administration, etc.)
    Contracts, articles of incorporation, statements of assets and liabilities, business reports

  • Arabic

    Survey reports, training texts (electrical, construction, marine-related, health, welfare, education, etc.)

  • Mongolian

    Survey reports, training texts (medical equipment, roads, tax affairs, education, business, etc.)

  • Vietnamese

    Survey reports, training texts (medical, roads, flood control, development of laws, tax affairs, education, etc.)

  • German

    Specification sheets, technical drawings, manuals

  • Korean

  • Indonesian

  • Burmese


Russian, French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Mongolian, Korean, German, Vietnamese, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, Arabic, Romanian, Serbian, Croatian, Indonesian, Thai, Khmer, Burmese, and Lao. Please inquire about other languages.

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